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Apollo Of Bungo Hills JP
アポロ オブ ブンゴ ヒルズ ジェイピー

Born: 18.02.2017
Breed: Teacup Poodle
Color: Red
Weight: 1.5kg
Height: 20cm
Castration: Yes
Pedigree: JKC – Japanese Kennel Club
Imported from: Japan

We bought little Mika when he was 6 months old. His appearance is very similar to Rina, and he is a sweet puppy who loves to cuddle in our arms throughout the day. He has grown very close to Mei, and they already seem to be dependent on each other.



Mei of Pinegrove M. JP
メイ オブ パイングローブ エム ジェイピー

Born: 15.02.2017
Breed: Toy Poodle
Color: Silver
Weight: 2.3kg
Height: 26cm
Pedigree: JKC – Japanese Kennel Club
Imported from: Japan

After having some time to mourn the loss of my beloved baby girl Rina, I knew I needed another little doggie in my life. I have always liked silver poodles, and after some research online and a few phone calls with the breeder I visited what seemed to be the most happiest little fluffball. She jumped straight into my lap and gave me kisses. It was then I knew, this had to be the one. Even though we expected her to be a teacup, she has turned out to become a small energetic toy poodle.




Junka Moon JP`s Sonia img_0458
ジュンか ムーン ジェイビーズ ソニア

Born: 25.04.2014
Passed away: 13.06.2017
Death Cause: Cardiac arrest caused by a blood clot
Breed: Micro Teacup Poodle
Color: Red
Weight: 1.2kg
Height: ~17cm
Pedigree: JKC – Japanese Kennel Club
Imported from: Japan

Rina comes from a pure red line, at least the last 3 generations. Even though Rina is registered as a toy poodle, her weight is much less than the average one, as well as her height being too small. She is therefore a micro teacup poodle. She has two champions CH(AM) in her pedigree, and as mentioned above she is unfortunately too small to show (in Norway) and can therefore not compete to get her own prices and rewards. But I wanted a (micro) teacup poodle so its only my own fault that I can’t show her. Her temperament has gone beyond all expectations, and she’s a really quiet and gentle dog. Teacup poodles are less than 1.8kg and micro teacup poodles are not more than 1.2kg.



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