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The person I will never forget – 一生忘れられない人

Scan 1 The person I will never forget would have to be my great grandmother. The truth is I have many people I won’t forget, but the memory of my great grandmother is forever carved into my memory.

One day in August 2015, while I was living in Japan, I got a phone call from my mom back in Norway, she told me she had some sad news. My beloved great grandmother had passed away. She has taught me a lot about life.

Apparently, her heart stopped while she was sleeping, so at least she didn’t feel any pain. During the same year she turned 100 years old, which I think is an amazing age. During my childhood I always told her “please live a long healthy life and become at least 100 years old. Because if you do that we can laugh together, make memories and enjoy each others company!”. She made me a promise to become at least 100 years old, and in the end she kept that promise.

My family lives in different cities here in Norway. My great grandmother lived in a small place far north in Noway, therefore we couldn’t meet besides summer holiday and Christmas. The flight from Bergen to Mehamn is around the same price as from Norway to Japan. I used to go to Mehamn every summer and stay at her house. She gave me life lessons like: “even when you don’t have anything, be grateful. In these periods there is too much materialism, even if you have a lot stuff you are not necessarily happy.” She lived a tough life, she was always bright, cheerful and positive. She was a truly a good human being.

I regret that I wasn’t able to meet her before she passed away. There are no words to express my gratitude towards her kindness, I’m really sad that I couldn’t tell her goodbye.




ノルウェーで私の家族は曽祖母と別の街に住んでいます。曽祖母は最北端に位置する街に住んでいたので夏休みかクリスマスしか会えませんでした。ベルゲンからメハヴンという街までの航空券の値段はノルウェーから日本までと同じくらいです。子供の時毎年の夏にはメハヴンに行って、曽祖母の家に泊まりました。色々なことを教えてくれました。例えば 「お金が欲しい時も物がない時も感謝しなさい。今の時代の物質主義がはびこって、たくさん物があっても必ずしも幸せとは限らない」と言われていました。貧しい生活だったのに、曽祖母はいつも朗らかで前向きな人でした。本当に最高の人だったと思います。


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