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Myself in 10years – 十年後の私

Myself in 10years

It’s kind of hard to imagine myself in 10 years, but I will try my best. img_4122

In 10 years I will be a special kind of vampire, but before I became I vampire I gave birth to a beautiful blue-eyed daughter. When I say special vampire, I mean the type of vampire that can go out in the sun and don’t show any sign of aging. As an immortal I will get a lots of various experiences and opportunities to see first hand how eras change, which is the reason why I wanted to become a vampire in the first place.

I have been living in a Japanese city for 5 consecutive years now. Here I’m living a happy life with my husband and our daughter, with a night view of the city below from our penthouse windows. For a foreigner, my

For 5 consecutive years I have been living in a Japanese city, from our penthouse I have night view of the city below living happily with my husband and our daughter. For a foreigner, my Japanese have become very good. Just as I do now, I will have teacup poodles, maybe two or three, my daughter just like myself loves animals so we also have a pet that she choose herself. After my daughter was born I became a full time stay at home mom, but before that I was working for a translation company where I could manage my own schedule. While doing that job, I could wear cute clothing of my liking while meeting many interesting people.

This might just me my own imagination and wish thinking.







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Ulricke Alette Mathisen

Nickname: Yuri
Born: 12th of April
Raised: Bergen
Currently living in: Tokyo
Social status: In a relationship
Occupation: Student

Hello and welcome to my blog. Here I will write various entries about my time when I lived in Japan, but also about my Norwegian life, thoughts and feelings. I’m will try to write most of my entries in Japanese as well as in English.

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