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The reason why I study Japanese – 日本語を勉強している理由

The reason why I study Japanese

I think a lot of people that study Japanese are interested in manga and/or anime. Personally, I have no interest in it. The truth is, however, that when I was 14 years old a friend of mine recommended an anime called “Chobits”, I wanted to watch it with English dubbing, but I could only find the subbed version, which I didn’t really like at first. I had already told my friend I would give it a try, so I figured I might as well just watch it. While I was watching “Chobits” I found the Japanese language to be quite interesting and started to look up various things about Japan.

When you compare Norway and Japan they give you completely different vibes and impressions. There are many different and interesting aspects to Japan. For example, not only traditional views like customs, social welfare, food culture, but also youth culture and fashion. Fashion is one reason why I’m interested in Japan. I think Norwegian girls dress very badly, they are always wearing dark colored clothing. Part of the reason may be due to the cold climate here, but if you’re really into fashion you’ll wear what fits your style, regardless of the weather.

The reason why I started to learn Japanese was because a friend recommended the anime “Chobits”. Mars outfit



ノルウェーと日本を比較すると印象が全く異なり、日本にはたくさん面白いことがあると思います。例えば、習慣や社会福祉や食文化のような伝統的なことだけではなくて、ファッションや若者文化などのこともあげられます。ファッションが大好きなのでそれだけで日本が好きです。ノルウェーの女性はあまりオシャレ をしないと思います。いつもカジュアルな暗い色の服を着てばかり、それは気候のせいかもしれないけれども本当に好きならどんな天気でも自分のスタイルに合ったものを着るべきです。



One Response to The reason why I study Japanese – 日本語を勉強している理由

  • VEtle Mathisen says:

    That’s neat sis. I watch subbed anime also quite often it is better when it is subbed then dubbed. Well that’s what i think. Miss you :)

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