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作文: 自己紹介 – Self introduction

自己紹介Pre Halloween 2015




Nice to meet you. My name is Ulricke, but please call me Yuri. My birthday is 12th of April so I’m soon turning 25 years old. I studied at nursing school for a year, then I worked in home health care service. However I don’t want to work in the health care sector anymore. Studying foreign languages is fun, but it also has a lot of challenging points. I’m currently studying Japanese for my future, because after graduation I would like to work in Japan. I dont have any real work experience in Japan beside modeling several times. The climate in Norway doesn’t suit me well, as I’m often cold and freeze most of the time.

While in Japan, I bought my teacup poodle named Rina. I moved to Japan in 2013, and lived there for about a year and a half. I must admit, Tokyo is a really lively and busy city to live in.

I love fashion, and that’s also one of the reasons why I want to return to Japan. I’m more free to dress the way I want. I love video games, and usually play for about 3 hours a day.

During the weekends I usually stay home and relax. Of course I do other things to, like going to friends houses and make good food together.


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Ulricke Alette Mathisen

Nickname: Yuri
Born: 12th of April
Raised: Bergen
Currently living in: Tokyo
Social status: In a relationship
Occupation: Student

Hello and welcome to my blog. Here I will write various entries about my time when I lived in Japan, but also about my Norwegian life, thoughts and feelings. I’m will try to write most of my entries in Japanese as well as in English.

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