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新しいネイル – New Nails




日本に引っ越してたのが2013年の夏で、初めてネイルサロンに行ったのは多分そのニ月後ぐらいだったかな。ネットでサロンを調べて、「Nail Carry」という渋谷のギャルの間で有名なサロンを選んだ。なぜかというと、私もギャルのファッションが大好きなのでそのネイルサロンに行くのが一番いいチョイスだと思ってたから。「Nail Carry」のネイルアーティストは本当にきれいなネイルを作ってくれたので、その日をきっかけスカルプネイルが好きになったんだ。

そのサロンに何回も通って新しいネイルデザインを頼んで末に半年くらい経って自分でネイルを作ってみようと思った。なぜかというと一ヶ月で古いネイルを取り除いて新しいネイルを作るには、15.000円から20.000円ぐらいかかって、5.000円や8.000円ならまだしも13.000円以上なんて毎月払いたくないから。最近ネットで作り方の本を読んだり動画を見て見た目より難しいことが分かった。何か月も練習したおかげで、だんだん結果は良くになってきた。今でもまだ完璧ではないけど、独学で勉強してきて良い出来になってきたと思う。自分でサロン並みのネイルを作りたい。どんな困難があっても 最後までやりぬく覚悟だ。将来はネイルの専門学校で勉強をしたい。ネイルアーティストになれたらどんなにうれしいことか。

Earlier this week I made my first pair of new nails since I came back from Japan. This time I went for a black/silver theme. I actually wanted to make the nails even longer, but even at this length they are considered very long for Norwegians. I often get questions from people how I´m able to function in daily life with so long nails, but to be honest I don´t think it´s especially hard and you get used to it, like everything else in life. Norwegian girls don´t bother with their nails to much, maybe a little nail polish and a french manicure at some rare occasions. To be honest, I was the same until I moved to Japan…

I moved during the summer of 2013, and had my first visit to a nail salon a couple of months after. I decided to go to a salon named “Nail Carry” which is a well known salon among Shibuya girls. The nails where gorgeous and I have been hooked on long nails since that day. I kept going back for new designs for months, but after a while I decided I wanted to master this art on my own. Going to a salon for a new pair of nails and removal of the old set would usually cost be somewhere between ¥15.000 – ¥20.000 which is around 900-1200 Norwegian Krone. I started reading online and watching “How to do” movies and I must admit it´s much harder than it seems. I kept trying and failing, slowly getting a little better with each try. Even today it´s far from perfect, but considering I´m completely self taught I think the outcome is quite ok! I hope in the future I will get a chance to go to nail art school and officially be able to call myself a nail technician.

Zebra nails1



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