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作文: 日本語を勉強している理由

The reason why I study Japanese

I think a lot of people that study Japanese are interested in manga and/or anime. Personally, I have no interest in it. The truth is, however, that when I was 14 years old a friend of mine recommended an anime called “Chobits”, I wanted to watch it with English dubbing, but I could only find the subbed version, which I didn’t really like at first. I had already told my friend I would give it a try, so I figured I might as well just watch it. While I was watching “Chobits” I found the Japanese language to be quite interesting and started to look up various things about Japan.

When you compare Norway and Japan they give you completely different vibes and impressions. There are many different and interesting aspects to Japan. For example, not only traditional views like customs, social welfare, food culture, but also youth culture and fashion. Fashion is one reason why I’m interested in Japan. I think Norwegian girls dress very badly, they are always wearing dark colored clothing. Part of the reason may be due to the cold climate here, but if you’re really into fashion you’ll wear what fits your style, regardless of the weather.

The reason why I started to learn Japanese was because a friend recommended the anime “Chobits”. Mars outfit



ノルウェーと日本を比較すると印象が全く異なり、日本にはたくさん面白いことがあると思います。例えば、習慣や社会福祉や食文化のような伝統的なことだけではなくて、ファッションや若者文化などのこともあげられます。ファッションが大好きなのでそれだけで日本が好きです。ノルウェーの女性はあまりオシャレ をしないと思います。いつもカジュアルな暗い色の服を着てばかり、それは気候のせいかもしれないけれども本当に好きならどんな天気でも自分のスタイルに合ったものを着るべきです。



ハロウィンの 仮装 – Halloween Costume

DSC_5824Quite late this post, but for the year 2015 I dressed up as a sexy werewolf for halloween. I really like this costume, so I might use it again in the future. Next time I might do my make-up more dark and scary looking with blood. I dont have any good pictures of the whole outfit though…






りなちゃんお誕生日おめでとう!Happy Birthday Rina!

いつも側にいる Always by my side

いつも側にいる Always by my side

Today, on the 25th of April, my sweet little teacup poodle, Rina, is turning 2 years old heart1)) I can’t believe how fast the time´s been flying by. Her temperament has gone beyond all expectations and I couldn’t be happier with this little bundle of joy in my life. I will of course bring her with me when I move back to Japan next year even though finding a pet friendly apartment is going to be tough. It´s quite unfair, but there seems to be very few Japanese landlords that willingly rent to foreigners. However I´m sure I will find a dog friendly landlord if I do enough research.

For those of you with a dog in Tokyo, would you be interested in a meetup at a park? I have very few friends with dogs in Tokyo and I´m sure Rina will be quite lonely without any interaction with other dogs.

今日4月25日に、私の大好きなティーカッププードルのりなちゃんが2歳になりました。 heart1)) こんなに早いと思わなかったです。意外にも、りなちゃんの気性が穏やかになりました。この子と一緒にいて、こんなに嬉しいことはありません。来年また日本に引っ越しする時、もちろんりなちゃんを連れて行くけれどペット可能なアパートを見つけるのは難しいそうです。不公平だと思うけど、日本では外国人にアパートを貸してくれる大家さんは少ないみたいです。まぁ、しっかり探せば、犬と共同生活可能と言っている大家さんがいるはずですよね。


家に連れて行ったの日 The day when I brought you home

家に連れて行ったの日 The day when I brought you home

赤ちゃんの写真 Baby picture

赤ちゃんの写真 Baby picture

初めてカットをしたばっかり時The first time you went to the dog salon

初めてカットをしたばっかり時The first time you went to the dog salon

公園で走るのが大好き She loves to run in the park

公園で走るのが大好き She loves to run in the park

ハロウィンの 仮装

ハロウィンの 仮装 Halloween Costume


作文: 自己紹介 – Self introduction

自己紹介Pre Halloween 2015




Nice to meet you. My name is Ulricke, but please call me Yuri. My birthday is 12th of April so I’m soon turning 25 years old. I studied at nursing school for a year, then I worked in home health care service. However I don’t want to work in the health care sector anymore. Studying foreign languages is fun, but it also has a lot of challenging points. I’m currently studying Japanese for my future, because after graduation I would like to work in Japan. I dont have any real work experience in Japan beside modeling several times. The climate in Norway doesn’t suit me well, as I’m often cold and freeze most of the time.

While in Japan, I bought my teacup poodle named Rina. I moved to Japan in 2013, and lived there for about a year and a half. I must admit, Tokyo is a really lively and busy city to live in.

I love fashion, and that’s also one of the reasons why I want to return to Japan. I’m more free to dress the way I want. I love video games, and usually play for about 3 hours a day.

During the weekends I usually stay home and relax. Of course I do other things to, like going to friends houses and make good food together.


新しいネイル – New Nails




日本に引っ越してたのが2013年の夏で、初めてネイルサロンに行ったのは多分そのニ月後ぐらいだったかな。ネットでサロンを調べて、「Nail Carry」という渋谷のギャルの間で有名なサロンを選んだ。なぜかというと、私もギャルのファッションが大好きなのでそのネイルサロンに行くのが一番いいチョイスだと思ってたから。「Nail Carry」のネイルアーティストは本当にきれいなネイルを作ってくれたので、その日をきっかけスカルプネイルが好きになったんだ。

そのサロンに何回も通って新しいネイルデザインを頼んで末に半年くらい経って自分でネイルを作ってみようと思った。なぜかというと一ヶ月で古いネイルを取り除いて新しいネイルを作るには、15.000円から20.000円ぐらいかかって、5.000円や8.000円ならまだしも13.000円以上なんて毎月払いたくないから。最近ネットで作り方の本を読んだり動画を見て見た目より難しいことが分かった。何か月も練習したおかげで、だんだん結果は良くになってきた。今でもまだ完璧ではないけど、独学で勉強してきて良い出来になってきたと思う。自分でサロン並みのネイルを作りたい。どんな困難があっても 最後までやりぬく覚悟だ。将来はネイルの専門学校で勉強をしたい。ネイルアーティストになれたらどんなにうれしいことか。

Earlier this week I made my first pair of new nails since I came back from Japan. This time I went for a black/silver theme. I actually wanted to make the nails even longer, but even at this length they are considered very long for Norwegians. I often get questions from people how I´m able to function in daily life with so long nails, but to be honest I don´t think it´s especially hard and you get used to it, like everything else in life. Norwegian girls don´t bother with their nails to much, maybe a little nail polish and a french manicure at some rare occasions. To be honest, I was the same until I moved to Japan…

I moved during the summer of 2013, and had my first visit to a nail salon a couple of months after. I decided to go to a salon named “Nail Carry” which is a well known salon among Shibuya girls. The nails where gorgeous and I have been hooked on long nails since that day. I kept going back for new designs for months, but after a while I decided I wanted to master this art on my own. Going to a salon for a new pair of nails and removal of the old set would usually cost be somewhere between ¥15.000 – ¥20.000 which is around 900-1200 Norwegian Krone. I started reading online and watching “How to do” movies and I must admit it´s much harder than it seems. I kept trying and failing, slowly getting a little better with each try. Even today it´s far from perfect, but considering I´m completely self taught I think the outcome is quite ok! I hope in the future I will get a chance to go to nail art school and officially be able to call myself a nail technician.

Zebra nails1



日本に戻りたい – I want to return to Japan



It´s been little over a month since I returned to Norway and during this time I haven´t been in a very good mood. I should be positive and have fun each day, but I can´t stop being depressed. I´m working on a cafe targeting the younger generation, but my relationship with my boss is not good and when we meet there is a lot of negative tension between us. I´m searching for other jobs, but it´s currently very hard for the younger generation to find jobs in Norway. Anyways, let´s do our best.

On Valentines day me and my grandmother went shopping. The following picture is my coordinate from that day.





My pastel ferret Yuuta


I realised that I haven´t introduced my pet ferret Yuuta, which I bought over a year ago. He comes from a ferret speciality store here in Tokyo named “Ferret World”. If you are living in Tokyo and is considering getting a ferret I would really recommend going there over regular pet shops. He is the sweetest ferret I know, since I first bought him he has never bitten me nor strangers.




作文: お金は一番大切か








意見文: 恐竜が吼えたか


私は恐竜が吼えたかどうかよく分からないが、教科書に書いてる文章 「恐竜は吼えたか」を読んでも私の意見は変わらなかった。もし恐竜の時代に戻れるものならすぐ戻ってみたい。






意見文: シベリア鉄道








Ulricke Alette Mathisen

Nickname: Yuri
Born: 12.04.91 - 25y
Raised: Bergen
Currently living in: Bergen
Social status: In a relationship
Occupation: Student

Hello and welcome to my blog. Here I will write various entries about my time when I lived in Japan, but also about my Norwegian life, thoughts and feelings. I'm will try to write most of my entries in Japanese as well as in English.

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